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HSMI 21 days Fasting- Day 8



TEXT: EXODUS 2:25 “God saw the sons of Israel, and God took notice of them” Genesis 39:21



From Genesis 4:4, it means when God has respect for you. When he has regard for a person.

Genesis 39:21 favour means when God Is gracious and shows you kindness. Genesis 43:29, Numbers 6:25. From Exodus 2:25 it means When God notices a man. 1 kings 13:23

When God is gracious and shows you kindness. Divine favour is needed for multiplication. When a man is favoured, you become the apple of Gods eyes. You may not look like it but God qualifies you for it. It is the divine favour of God upon a man that pushes him from last to first like David and from the back to front Like Joseph.


1. Thank you father, for giving me life today.

2. Thank you Jesus for all you did for me and my family last year.

3. My head, I speak to you, Receive the oil of favour in Jesus name.

4. In the name of Jesus, everywhere I go this year, I become the candidate of divine favour.

5. My father, My father, by the virtue of your divine favour, Myself and entire house will receive the kind of Kindness we have never received in our entire life this year in Jesus name.

6. My father my father, because of your favour, HSMI receive the kind of help it has never received before this year in Jesus name.

7. My father my father, Because of your divine favour, HSMI is spreading like wild fire and it is becoming noticed all over the world in Jesus name.

8. My father my father, by your divine favour, I become noticed by all who need to notice me so that I can enter into my next level in Jesus name.

9. Father, your favour pushed David and Josepgh forward, by your divine favour, all through this year, I receive unusual speed to advance in every area in Jesus name.

10. Favour for multiplication, In the name of Jesus, rest on my life now.

11. In the name of Jesus, my life is open to increase favour from God and men all around, near and far.

12. From today, favour surrounds my destiny all around in Jesus name.

13. This year, my work, my ministry, my call, my sevice, my career and all I do shall receive divine recognition under divine favour in Jesus name.

14. In the name of Jesus, My father, your divine favour is changing my story for ever.

15. Thank God for answered prayer and sing praises to Him.

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