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HSMI 21 Days Fasting - Day 7



TEXT: JUDGES 6:28-40


For God to deliver the children of God, God needed to give Gideon the task of destroying the altar that has put them in captivity. The problem was the strange altar of baal. Until Gideon pulled it down, the were not liberated. So,with many of us, there are altars that need to be pulled down for us to enter into our rest. It could be the altar of idolatry, altar of sin, altar of addiction, altar, altar of sickness, altar of witchcraft and witch doctors etc. They all need to be pulled down through strong deliverance prayers.


1. Father, we thank you for the gift of life today.

2. Father, inject into me today, spiritual vitamins that will help me pray and pray through today in Jesus name.

3. I receive the baptism of fire to break every strange altars working against me in Jesus name.

4. My father my father, By your fire and thunder, destroy to pieces every altar in my father’s house that is not of God in Jesus name.

5. Accessorial altars of my father’s house, that has been fighting my breakthroughs, scatter now.

6. Altars of failure and stagnation, by fire scatter to pieces in Jesus name.

7. Altars of sickness and infirmity, your end is now, scatter by fire and thunder in Jesus name.

8. Altars of marital delay and stagnations, your time is up, scatter to pieces in the name of Jesus.

9. Every evil altar where my name has been taking to, I retrieve my name and blessing from that altar and I command that altar to burn top pieces in Jesus name.

10. You priest of the devil, ministering against me on any altar, receive stone and fire right now in Jesus name.

11. Whatever that belongs to me and my family that is been represented on any evil altar ( picture, certificate, cloths etc), I command the angels of Go to go and retrieve them for us in Jesus name.

12. Altar of captivity in my parent house, scatter to hell in Jesus name.

13. Altar of premature and untimely death that has killed people before their time in my family, today marks your end, catch fire in Jesus name.

14. Generational altar, causing generational problems, scatter now.

15. From today, by the power in the name of Jesus, No incantation or enchantment upon any altar will have effect on me in Jesus name.

16. We decree, that in our homes, the altar of God is established in Jesus name.

17. We decree, I am free from any effect of any negative altars in Jesus name.

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