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HSMI 21 Days Fasting- Day 20





Jesus won the victory over death already. Death has no sting over any child of Go if only you know your right in Christ Jesus. The has no power to kill you if you do not give him access through fear and sin. When fear grips a man, then the devil can strike. The bible said Jesus made a public show of death and triumphing over it. Death has been disgrace on the cross. Therefore I encourage to pray and send death back to the grace.


1. Thank you, father, for the gift of life today.

2. I receive grace and power to pray through today in Jesus name.

3. In the name of Jesus, my obituary will not be pasted this year.

4. Stubborn spirit of death that has been chasing me, in the name of Jesus, I send you back to hell.

5. Spirit of untimely death in my family line that kills people before their time, I sentence you to death right now in Jesus name.

6. Inherited infirmities that take people life untimely, I disconnect from you in Jesus name.

7. Demonic arrow of affliction that has been sent to terminate my life or any family member this year, in the name of Jesus, return to your sender now.

8. In the name of Jesus, anyone that wants me dead this year, they shall go in my place.

9. IN HSMI this year, we decree there shall be no single loss. The least amongst us shall live 130 years in Jesus name.

10. You spirit of death that does not want my parent to reap and eat the fruit of their labour, I cast you to hell now in Jesus name.

11. You death here the word of the Lord, I will not work for another to eat, therefore I command die in Jesus name.

12. I decree, the grace for longevity upon the church, my life and every member of my family in Jesus name.

13. My father my father, assigned accident to take any life this year, we cancel you in Jesus name.

14. In Jesus name, we and all our family member will not be victims of stray bullet this year.

15. I decree it, I shall live, I shall not die, I will fulfil my days and destiny on earth in Jesus name.

16. Thank God for victory over death.

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