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HSMI 21 Days Fasting- Day 17



TEXT: Malachi 3-10-12; 2 king 7-1-16

Inspirational tonic to enable you pray effectively

The word “open window” is a significant one in the bible. In Malachi 3-10, God promised to open window of blessings to those who pay their tithes and offerings. Also in 2 kings chapter 7, the high chief who heard Elisha’s prophecy of abundance of food said “if the Lord would make windows in heaven”. The man knew the importance of open window in connection with provision. What he did not know was the greatness and vastness of God’s power in making the provision possible.

There are three major things that happens when window of a house is open.

1. It allows for the polluted air to get out.

2. It allows the fresh air to come in for comfort and normalcy.

3. It brings illumination and life for orderliness.

This shows clearly that open window is a sign of blessings for the inhabitants of the house. Closed windows on the other hand leads to suffocation, suffering, rowdiness and discomfort. This is the experience of many of us. Whereas that is not our portion. As we pray today, all forces responsible for closed windows will loose their grip and relevance in Jesus name. The mighty hand of God is set on motion as a result of prayer to throw the windows of heaven open on our behalf.

Let us also know however, that in addition to prayers, some steps need to be taken to access God’s blessings, one major key to blessing is giving. If we know how to ask to receive according to Matthew 7-7, we must also learn to give in order to receive according to Luke 6-38, giving is a seed sown. Whatever a man sows, he shall reap (Galatians 6-7).


1. Today, Lord we plead for your mercy.

2. Every hindrance to our blessings, be removed in Jesus name

3. Lord, forgive members of this ministry that have cooperated with satan to lock the windows of blessings with their failure to pay their tithes regularly and other kingdom advancement giving.

4. Lord help HSMI members to be faithful to God, to the church and to them selves by paying their tithes regularly and faithfully in Jesus name.

5. Lord, our God, open windows of blessings of heaven over HSMI members and pour down your blessings upon us in Jesus name.

6. We ask dear lord, that you increase the financial capital of every family and members in HSMI in multiple folds in Jesus name.

7. Lord, give us divine solution to all financial crisis being experienced by the church and individual members in Jesus name

8. Give every HSMI member the heart of giving and let it become our habit, so we may enter into the realm of abundance of God’s blessings

9. Give us the heart of faith to trust, test and give to dare God through giving, that your blessing will become permanent in our lives.

10. Lead us collectively and individually from the level of “not enough” to just enough” and ultimately to “more than enough” of provisions in Jesus name.

11. Show to every member of the church the way that lead to their blessings and help each one to follow such ways that we may attain our blessing.

12. We pray for the relocation of every member that has been dislocated for divine allocation of blessing in Jesus name.

13. Dear father, bless every member of this church that we may have enough for the world evangelization in Jesus name

14. Father, We pray that in our forth coming programs and projects we will have 100 percent support because you will bless everyone in Jesus name.

15. My father, I curse whatever is suffocating my financial enlargement and blessings in Jesus name.

16. My father my father, everything stale in My life, release your freshness into my life to send them packing in Jesus name.

17. Say this, “me and my house hold, we will not beg, borrow or be stranded this year and beyond in Jesus name”.

18. Like it happened to the four lepers, help HSMI member to discover and uncover the riches of the gentiles and to recover them in Jesus name.

19. Oh Lord, transfer wealth into every family, life and member of his church in Jesus name.

20. This year and beyond, we operate under constant divine open heavens in Jesus name.

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