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HSMI 21 Days Fasting - Day 13



TEXT: Col 2:14-15: Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross; And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.


These are strange powers from the pit of hell. It is the power of bad luck and failure. This power orchestrate frustration in the life of a person and believer. It's a power that wastes one’s time. It's the power of disappointment. It's a devouring power. Though it looked like you have worked all through and you deserve it but the power makes your effort useless. It's a power that makes people of God fight the existence and the supernatural power of God. This is a strange power that makes people fetch water into baskets. They cause leakage. Hard work amounts to nothing. It's a power that works hand in hand with the power of suicide. When a man has tried hard and no way, he becomes frustrated and want to commit suicide.

This power causes:

1. Lateness in marriage

2. Delay in financial breakthrough

3. Delay in academic excellence

4. Delay in child birth

5. Delay in promotion

6. Delay spiritual growth

7. Delay in achievement. etc


1. My portion shall not be transferred to another, in the name of Jesus.

2. Spirit of obscurity, loose your hold over my life in Jesus name..

3. Every handwriting of ordinances of bad luck assigned against my life, be wiped off by the blood of Jesus.

4. Every tree of bad luck that has been planted into my life and destiny, be uprooted by Fire in the name of Jesus.

5. My father My father, please uproot every generational root of failure in my family line, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every strongman of bad luck and failure assigned against my life, I command you, go back to hell in the name of Jesus.

7. Power that awaits and frustrate people at the point of their breakthrough fail in my life in Jesus name.

8. Strange enemies, assigned to afflict my life, receive violent angelic slap, and return to hell in the name of Jesus.

9. You power of witchcraft behind the cause of my failure and disappointment, I bind you, in the name of Jesus.

10. You garments of disappointments on my life, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

11. God arise and use me as a divine showroom to display power and prosperity, in the name of Jesus.

12. Double destruction from heaven, visit every coven speaking against my breakthrough and planning disappointment for me and my family in the name of Jesus.16. Thunder of destruction, fall upon my oppressors, in the name of Jesus.

13. You evil voice of Sorry, try again later, you are not my portion, therefore I command you to go to hell in Jesus name.

14. My father my father, let your favor surround me any where I go and work for me this year in Jesus name.

15. Any door I knock this year shall be opened unto me in Jesus name.

16. My Door of breakthrough, promotion, success (Name them) open in the name of Jesus.

17. Fire of God, consume the evil clock of the enemy that is working against my life, in the name of Jesus.

18. My life receive divine speed in Jesus name.

19. Thank God for answered prayers.

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