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HSMI 21 Days Fasting - Day 12



TEXT: Nehemiah 1 2Chronicles 7:14, Judges 10:10, I Tim2:2, Psalm 2:8, Thes 3:1

The word of God is clear on prayer for nations. If we can pray God can change things. The children of Israel learnt how to call upon the name of the lord and he always heard them. We must learn to pray and not complain. Complaining only prolongs years of captivity and affliction as seen in the case of the children of Israel. They bible said men ought to pray and to faint. Complaining means we are fainting. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land. Nehemiah called upon the name of the Lord for his nation and God answered, Daniel also prayed and he saw the beginning of liberty of his people from captivity. Our healing is tied to prayers. Our prayer will cause a shift in the heavens that will give birth to what we desire for our respective nations. If there are men who can pray there is a God who can answer.


1. Thank God for your nation.

2. Lord have mercy on my nation. ( name your nation and the nation you currently reside in)

3. Father dismantle every stronghold of the enemy in my nation

4. Father let your light shine upon my nation in Jesus name.

5. Oh, Lord arise and let the forces of evil in my nation scatter.

6. My father my father, We decree and declare true peace in our nations in Jesus name.

7. Every enemy of the word in operation in my nation, Be arrested now, in Jesus name.

8. Let the alter of anti gospel powers in this Land be destroyed in Jesus name.

9. Lord let your word have its free course in the nations of the world in Jesus name.

10. Father raise up people that will do your will in our nation

11. Father empower our leader with direction and wisdom

12. Lord let there be an end to religious violence, terrorism and killings in our nations and all over the world

13. Father remove every Ahab on the throne in our nations in Jesus name.

Prayers for Ukraine

14. Lord break the yoke of bondage in the land of Ukraine and Africa

15. Every spirit of the anti Christ in operation be disgraced

16. Father take away judgment from the land of Ukraine and continent of Africa.

17. Let the land of Ukraine favor me in Jesus name

18. Father set up people that will honor you in the government of Ukraine and Africa.

19. Let the nations of the world favor HSMI in Jesus name

20. Father, let genuine revival that will spread like wild fire start in this Land and make HSMI the frontier of this revival in Jesus name.

21. Let the east wind that brings positive change blow across the nations and let the earth come to the knowledge and glory of God.

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