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HSMI 21 Days Fasting- Day 11



TEXT: 2cor 10:1-6, 2:11,


A stronghold is a fortress, a point of greatest strength. There is a stronghold in the life of everyone. There are two main kinds of strongholds; divine or heavenly stronghold or satanic stronghold.

A believer should have a strong heavenly stronghold on his life as it is the guarantee in times of trouble and distress. The name of the lord is a strong tower the righteous run to it and they are saved. “The Lord is my light and salvation who shall I fear? He is the stronghold of my life of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1 “

For every strong hold there is a strongman. The stronghold is the office the strongman is the officer in charge. It is like the prison (strong hold) and the jailer (strongman)

As long as the stronghold remains Satan has access. Stronghold can be present in any area of life. The best way to treat a disease is to recognize the cause and kill it. Treating symptomatically only manages the situation but does not completely eradicate it and that’s why the sickness can resurface or the day relapse. The same way with the stronghold, we have to uproot it. When there is a Satanic covenant in operation there is a stronghold. When you yield to a particular sin, it becomes a stronghold. The stronghold is the source of mysterious and recurrent battles. You need discernment to discover the strongholds around you. You need your eyes to be opened to see and grace to pray.


1. Thank God for strength to wait on him.

2. Father open my eyes let me see the areas in my life where there is a stronghold and the strongman.

3. Holy spirit Please reveal every hidden stronghold of the enemy in my life

4. My father, my father, Every stronghold of unforgiveness in my life , scatter by fire in Jesus name.

5. Every area of my life that has been designed by a strongman. Holy Ghost redesign in Jesus name.

6. Every inherited stronghold affecting my life, be destroyed by the power in the blood of Jesus.

7. My Father, my father, in the powerful name of Jesus, let the strength of every strongman begin to fail.

8. In the name of Jesus, recurrent pattern of affliction caused by any strong man in my life, return to hell right now.

9. (For Gideon to move forward he had to destroy the altar of Baal in his fathers house . Judges 6:25-32). Evil altars of my parents’ house still standing and affecting people, Be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

10. Every strange altar that sponsors recurrent problems and affliction be destroyed by fire

11. Let every strongman standing on evil altars speaking against me and my family be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

12. Let the stronghold of (name them) be uprooted now by fire in Jesus name.

13. I close the door of the enemy to my life and I seal it by fire and the blood of Jesus

14. Thank God for answers.

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