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HSMI 21 Days Fasting - Day 10



TEXT. Gen 35:22, 3:1-end, 49:3, 1 Sam 26:9, 1chron 16:22,


When sin gain entrance into a man’s life, it becomes a terrible stronghold if not dealt with. That is why you see people over time become absolutely powerless to break loose from sin =because it has become a mighty stronghold. When the devil wants to destroy a man’s life, he introduces sin, and when sin comes in, a stronghold of the devil is built. That was why in the Garden of Eden the devil first through lies made Adam and Eve to sin, the moment they sinned, he built a strong hold that is still affecting people today. Sampson failed to fulfill his destiny because he let the devil sow a seed of stubbornness and lust in his life that became a stronghold. Judas was greed. David was lust, Esau was profanity. The devil knows the area you are weak!!! That becomes his point of focus. This stronghold erected in one’s youth goes a long way to hamper that destiny. Reuben made a mistake in his youth, Esau also. It led to the termination of their destinies. The devil uses the effective tool of guilt to revisit the sins and errors of the past and he makes you feel unworthy and unclean. Don’t buy the devils lies. Jesus came to take your sins and guilt away. You have access to the father. Roman 8:33. You have been justified. When dealing with this stronghold, you should uproot and not cut down because if you cut down the tree will grow again. Past errors and sins lead to a closed heaven. Destroy those strongholds now.

Prayer points

1. Thank you, Jesus, for your cleansing blood available to work for me today.

2. Father by the power of your blood destroy every stronghold of sin in my life.

3. Fire of the holy ghost choke out every atom of sin in my life.

4. Every idea, habit, mentality, tradition, culture, that has risen its head above the knowledge of God in my life be pulled down by the power of God.

5. Every inherited sin in my bloodline be flushed by the blood of Jesus.

6. My father my father, Let the voice of the accuser speaking against me be silent in Jesus name.

7. Father, destroy every power of guilt at work in my life in Jesus name.

8. That power visiting the sins of my parent and grandparent on me, the blood of Jesus is against you, be destroyed by fire in Jesus’s name.

9. Father, by your mercy, please take away every judgment upon my life as a result of past errors in my bloodline in Jesus name.

10. I am yoked with Christ therefore let every yoke of sin and past mistakes be destroyed by fire in Jesus name.

11. My father my father, because of your mercy let the stronghold of past errors be dismantled in Jesus name.

12. Every blood crying against my life be silent by the blood of the lamb in Jesus name

13. By your uncontendable power, II unseat every stronghold appointed against me in Jesus name

14. Let every strongman pursuing me drink his own blood and eat his own flesh in Jesus name.

15. I render null and void every ritual, incantation, spell and cause issued against me by the blood of Jesus.

16. I break every spiritual placenta of bondage and error in Jesus name

17. The veil hiding my strongman, be torn to pieces in Jesus name

18. I break every unprogressive attachment to my place of birth that is giving the strongman a way to my life in Jesus name

19. Thank God for answers.

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