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7 ways to Mentally Declutter

A lot of us have a cluttered mind that we carry about as soon as we wake up in the morning. This makes us restless and unfocused throughout the day. There are a lot of things that contribute or make up a clutter in our minds which includes some of the following:

- Worrying about the past

- Worrying about the future

- Complaints, keeping a mental to-do-list, etc.

Below are a couple of ways that would help us to declutter so we can avoid being constantly overwhelmed, and gain more clarity.

1. Declutter your physical environment.

Physical clutter, leads to mental clutter. Clutter fills the mind with excessive stimuli, causing the brain to work in overdrive. Physical clutter also signals to the brain that there's work to be done which in turn increases your stress levels.

2. Keep a journal.

Having a journal help you declutter and download your inner thoughts that constantly interrupts your thought process. Here you can write down things that bother you, plans for future goals, concerns about your life, etc.

3. Let the past stay there.

Its very easy to have mental drawers stored in your mind which is filled with regrets, mistakes and errors of your past. Take the time to go through these drawers and discard these memories that add no value to your current situation, rather, just cluttering your life.

4. Put routine decisions on auto pilot.

You can cut own the amount of brain space taken up by routine tasks by putting them on auto-pilot.

They might seem ephemeral but on the long run, they add up and are very helpful in having a mind free of clutter. Suck tasks includes meal prepping, taking out your outfit for the next day, etc.

5. Prioritize.

Do not have an extremely long to-do-list. Be ok with the fact that you cant do it all, and endeavor to focus on the things that are most important to you. Have a short list of your top priorities, and make sure that the majority of your brain space is devoted to the top things on your list.

6. Limit the amount of information coming in.

Having too much unnecessary information can overwhelm your brain. It is important to have a limit on the amount of information that comes into your life. Set a limit on the amount of time that you spend on social media, decide on what information is relevant to you, and disregard everything else.

7. Learn to meditate.

Meditation helps you to focus. when you place your attention to one thing such as breathing, all your other thoughts disappear, making all other unnecessary thoughts disappear.

'Out of calmness comes clarity" - Trevor Carss

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