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It is with great joy I welcome everyone of us into year 2022. Our year of Multiplication an Acceleration. No doubt, last year was great, this year would be far greater. We cannot shy away from the fact that we enjoyed God’s mercies over our lives. In the midst of a troubled world with troubled economy, God kept his promises. When others were saying there is a casting down, we were saying there is a lifting up of hands. We have no reason to burry any one or mourn as a church in this ministry.

The mandate of preservation was real in our midst. We cannot but give God all the glory for this. I want to assure you that Year 2022 will be great. The way we start determines how we will end and that is why we are starting with fasting and prayers so that we can end with praise and thanksgiving. We would not be ignorant of the devises of the devil, that is why we must pray so that we do not become preys.

I want to encourage us to participate from beginning to the end and do it will all out heart. The bible says if my people who are call by my name would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, he would hear from heaven and heal their lands. There will be great healing and deliverances for people and nations this year, but we have to pray. There will be great harvest of souls this year, but we have to pray and pray.

Once again welcome to year of multiplication and acceleration!!!



DAY 1 10/01/2022


TEXT: LAMENTATION 3:22, Psalm 3011-12


Indeed, it has been by his mercies that we are not consumed and because his compassion fails not. It is not a gain say to assert that God showed us His mercies all though year 2021. God turned our mourning into dancing, he indeed put off our sackcloth and girded us with gladness. Despite the happenings in the world, the word of God in psalm 91:7 “Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you” of a truth, God kept his word. We have every reason to thank God for preservation, protection, provision, increase, fulfilment of his promises, for fruitfulness amongst our women, for jobs, for dedication of cars, spiritual increase, for many saved and many more. Time will fail us if we keep counting and naming all God has done for us. Please join me to thank God. Please let’s take quality time to sing praises to God.


1. Father we thank you for preservation of lives in year 2021.

2. Father we thank you for provision and increase in year 2021.

3. Father thank you for your mercies all through the year 2021.

4. Father we thank for fulfilling every promise concerning our lives and the church.

5. Father we thank you for diverse encounters, manifestations, healings, deliverances, accuracy in prophecy and your power in our midst as a church.

6. Father we thank you for every soul that was saved and added and for increasing the church on every side.

7. Thank you father for tuning all mourning into joy and all sackcloth into garment of gladness.

8. Father, we thank you for frustrating the toking’s and imaginations of the enemy concerning us and the church.

9. Father, we thank you for financial help all through year 2021.

10. Father we thank you for our family members, for new jobs and also marital settlement.

11. Father we thank you for things we did not even know that you did and you did them for us.

12. Take any song of your choice and thank God.

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